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  1. That is actually very logical to have Gary Parker.
  2. Why most of the pics can't be viewed???
  3. Anyhow, it's a sad news.
  4. loss

    Ha! This made me laugh.
  5. He had my favorite number in his shorts.
  6. My siste loves him. Haha. But what turned out today, major turn off. I didn't care though. He can leave whenever.
  7. Sorry 'bout that. I mean at this moment even when he's still not in Celtic anymore and players come and go, he's still my favorite .Couldn't still find one interesting.
  8. Brilliant. A ball genius. A true Celtic Legend. Every single time he's on the field it feels like he owned it. I am always in awe.
  9. Celtic has all the great songs. Sometimes it's lame but it's cool & everything in between.
  10. This is guy is the best player in the club at the moment. I absolutely enjoy seeing him play.