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  1. I'd probably give Boyata and Armstrong a loan and keep Ciftci Boyata was free give him a loan for first team football and try to get his value up a bit before he goes, still seems odd knowing a 25-26 year old player has only played about 50 games in his entire career Armstrong I think hes main problem has been our amount of players in midfield, has been good now and then give him a loan as well to see if he can get back to his best with a good run of games before he comes back for pre season then make a decision Ciftci I'm not saying I'd keep him pernamently just keep him around for the season see if he can take advantage of any opportunity hes given if one comes up then if not try to get someone in to cover or bring through a youth player, I wouldnt even complain with Aitchison or Miller coming through in January to take his place instead, Miller is more of a left winger but can play striker The rest need to go if you ask me though, Ambrose doesn't need explaining, Logan, we have 3 keepers although keeping him around a bit longer and getting Fasan first team football elsewhere in the mean times a good option, Mackay Steven will probably be better off elsewhere too
  2. Just read about him on a Celtic app, hes 17 (debut at 16), captain of his team (youngest every in Norway), 6ft5 regarded to be an attacking midfielder but alot of people in Norway believe he could play anywhere (even defence), 43 games (36 starts) with 9 goals Had trials with Barcelona and Roma, linked with Tottenham and Hertha Berlin, chairmans suggested he can go in this window for £500,000, also apparently a Liverpool fan and "dreams of walking out at Anfield to You'll Never Walk Alone" Why not walk out to that here (hopefully in CL) if your good enough?
  3. I think they just saw our defence was our main weakness and went for it to get the CL money, by that point it was probably similar situation to we're usually in, group stage is the goal, beyond that do your best but the moneys already made We should've beat them though, simple as that
  4. Why would I say sorry? I suppose it would make you feel better about yourself to think your right because someone else didnt count up the exact number of months he was in the job Grow up
  5. I honestly think the players who play in those leagues have it in their contract to do that, most of them change their tone when they move on if they have no intention of going back, wether they'd pay players outside their league like Pique to do the same, I dont know but I wouldnt be surprised Last I heard they were close to dropping into 4th place in the Euro spots behind Italy, fingers crossed Juventus and others do well in Europe
  6. Even when I'm not on your bringing my name up lmao, what a boring life you live little man
  7. Well two seasons then, believe it or not some of us have better things to do than count up the number of months the guys been in the job If thats all you have, thats all you have
  8. Gerard Pique does not believe Barcelona or Real Madrid would succeed in the Premier League Is he ripping the pish? They both regularly win or come close to winning a competition the top English teams cant, sometimes even beating them in the process He also put John Stones in his 3 at the back in his "dream team" with Ronaldo on the bench
  9. I think that would've been the way forward, an older experienced European striker who would've cost us that 5m or so we splashed on Simunovic or whatever the fuck his name is Something still needs done about the defence but a 5m injury prone dud is not the way to go, hope he gets back to fitness and turns it around but if it goes the way it has been its a total waste of money Anybody know how Scepovic's loans been going I'm sure I saw a while back he had a few goals but not heard anything since
  10. Nope had a quick scan through it and you were slabbering on about shite like 17-18 month is not 2 years and bla bla bla, nobody said that so in reality your just trying to draw an arguement and make yourself look good You pathetic attention seeking hypocritical little boy
  11. Has he played any development games or anything to get back to fitness yet?
  12. Who are you actually arguing with here? Yourself?
  13. You have far too much time on your hands, constantly trying to draw arguements out of people, nothing better to do with your time? Anybody ever told you how boring you are?
  14. Well if "bitching" is an insult then it must have been, just pass the blame on like the daft wee boy you are
  15. He says Tierney was tired after Thursday but hes on the bench so he is available, I'd save him for Europe though especially if he puts in that kind of performance in the big games