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  1. Liability?
  2. Was a great display but still look suspect at the back,janko depends on his recovery pace to much in Europe would be exploited.think mcgregor is not good enough for Europe either as too lightweight.just my opinion,but rogic must start on wed and brown and Forrest?
  3. Timolloy a manage an amateur football team an the least I ask is to run an compete cos that's the bare minimum,an as a fan today we were out ran and worse outplayed for long was the worst AV ever felt as a Celtic fan,no direction no idea no plan b an defo not a Celtic manager!
  4. mans out his depth has made us a fuckin laughing stock!where was the high intensity pressing today that he promised,beat by a championship side an doesn't matter if was pens,outplayed for long spells fuckin out passed for the majority!couldnt get the ball off them for long periods!
  5. Totally agree johannsen must hav had a fluke last season,runs about like a headless chicken gets the ball in dangerous areas an invariably fucks it,gms was at best embarrassing!lustig done better later on but an international fullback behave!brown got caught up in the hype(play the game not the occasion)Delia has to go as to be brutally honest ain't got a fuckin clue!rogic starts or commons!hope delia an johannsen get the same plane back!its no the end of the world but fuck me any manager wi half a clue would hav started commons and rogic
  6. win

    If sammi fit ad rather c him start than forest tbh lookin ti tues.get 60 under his belt as we missed him against benfica nd him for tues just my opinion
  7. win

    Hopefully win but some miles done by the bhoys in the last 10 days.draw would b fine
  8. gossip

    Gd player heads up his ring too interested in social media wouldn't thank u for him think Lennon his all his players pullin the same way he could disrupt that,no thanks!hh
  9. win

    Forster motm IMO
  10. This doin my head in now put up or shut up epl!!!
  11. Been dropped as Swindon captain cos of attitude?!never a good sign
  12. Looks decent would rather take a punt on him gd shout!