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  1. did celtic miss a pentaly ??
  2. treble sacked already put
  3. wtf celtic ats shocking
  4. ye had me going there kd ya fooker lol
  5. hahaha they have 2 more defenders out to just 5 more now thats all lol
  6. Mattia De Sciglio and Ignazio Abate are the lastest injures for milan there missing the celtic game on uefa site
  7. confirmed

    the fool rejects a move to us but happily joins stoke what a twat awell his loss
  8. balotelli wont be on long in celtic park he will be sent off lol
  9. gossip

    any more word on petric myt be signing for us ?
  10. gossip

    would love to see this happin
  11. whos are first match or when will we no the fixtures ?
  12. teams i would like to avoid in pot 1 is bayern en barca
  13. done

    bring in biton ,, ciani .. pukki and finnbo how great would that be
  14. done

    yeah i agree bout doubt we will sign finnbo and i rather we sign pukki than no one before the window shuts
  15. done

    ffs salzi or what ever there stricker name is meant to be out for 3 months so doubt well get pukii now just are luck