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Found 32 results

  1. Right lads, Lets just say hypothetically, a website comes up with a solution of televising EVERY SPL and SPFL game online that's not televised by sky or BBC. Particularly missing out the Celtic and Sevco games and picking up the slack and showing every other team. I personally see this as a way of generating a bit of cash for cash strapped clubs and to build a reputation for Scottish football on a global scale. Its not just that, there would be plenty interest in the streams from betting sites and the like. It also means Scottish football would get a lot more exposure to the outside world in regards to spotting talent. What downfalls would there be? Bear with me now, I know there will be a massive amount of downfalls, Its just a hypothetical idea. Any views, however big or small, stupit or daft. Would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, As part of my dissertation I am researching the effects of sponsorship in Scottish football. Specifically, I am looking in to the relationship between Magners and Celtic and Blackthorn and Rangers. I would be extremely grateful if you would take 2 minutes to fill out a short survey on your feelings towards this. Thank you in advance and I wish you the best for the remainder of the season.
  3. spl

    SPL: Kilmarnock vs. Celtic 1st Half: http://www.fileswap....t_Half.asf.html 2nd Half: http://www.fileswap....d_Half.asf.html
  5. This looks good Celtic Fans theres a video of new man miku, I SUBSCRIBED Hail Hail
  6. win

    Scottish Premier League Celtic Park 1st August, 12:45
  7. spl

    1st Half: 2nd Half:
  8. Part one - Managers What made me write this was an article straight from the mouths of some lazy commentator/journalist in the main media but through the words of a small blog. Fresh Air football started off with: Maybe Fresh Air should have asked Celtic fans about comparing Lennon to previous Celtic managers. Martin O'Neill, Gordon Strachan they did well at Celtic and in England. Strachan isn't top class in England but he was hardly a great Celtic manager either, he got a lot of cash in his time from European football which helped him win a treble in the SPL. But Walter came in, kept Rangers stable and from there Strachan fell apart in his final season, we could have bought a striker and won the SPL that season but Strachan wasn't going to last very long. Martin O'Neill spent five years at Celtic, won 7 trophies and took Celtic to the Uefa Cup final beating some of the biggest teams in football including Liverpool and Barcelona. His record in England has also been good, recently he has turned a flopping Sunderland team around with a highly regarded manager. Into a side that can beat any team in the EPL on their day, I hope to see him manage another massive team soon because he is one of the best managers in the game. Lennon said that Martin was the biggest influence on his career. Lennon is no way near the height's of Martin yet but two years as a manager of one of the biggest football clubs in the world winning at least two, possibly three titles in those two years is no easy feat. Much easier than finishing 5th with multi-million buget every window. Lennon has only spent £12.7 million over two seasons meanwhile funding that with £16.9 million worth going out the door. Part two - Two horse race This is another one that annoy's me. In the Scottish Premier league since it's formation 1998(14 seasons). Rangers have won the title 7 times and Celtic have won it 7 times. In the Scottish Cup since 1998 Rangers have won it 6 times, Celtic 5 times, Hearts once and Dundee Utd once. In those 14 years(28 teams in final) Rangers have reached it 6 times and Celtic 7 times. So there have been more teams in the Scottish cup final outside of Celtic and Rangers than Celtic and Rangers since 1998 (15) to (13). So Scotland since 1998 in the League has been a two horse race but the Cup has never been a two horse race except from 98/99 and 01/02 where Celtic and Rangers have met in the final. Celtic and Rangers have won it the most but 12 times out of 14 another Scottish team has reached the final. In the League cup, Livingston, Kilmarnock and Hibernian have won it since 2003 and 13 non Celtic/Rangers teams have reached the final since 1998. So overall the odds is against Celtic or Rangers reaching the final but when they do, they rarely give it away. But the fact is that there is always a good chance of a smaller Scottish team winning some silver every season. But obviously people point at the league any say since 1998 either Celtic or Rangers have won the league title. Lets look at the EPL People, journalists and commentators claim that the English Premier league is so competitive. This couldn't be more wrong, if Man Utd win the league this season then since 1998 they would have won 9 out of 14 league titles. The only other teams to win the other five is Chelsea (a team not controlled/funded by the fans but by a tycoon). So EPL fans can't really claim those titles in a morale way, they are titles won by Roman Abramovich. So the only team that has won the EPL since 1998 in English football without the major help of external forces is Arsenal who have won it twice. The fact is that the EPL for the title every year is a two horse league, it's very hard to find a league with more than two teams pushing for the title every year. The difference with the EPL is that there is so much artificial cash in it now that teams like Chelsea do good for a little while then drop back off because they were over achieving with cash the club doesn't have. Where there is a lot of competition is lower down in the league for places 2-8 where there is lots of teams pushing for it every year. You also have the relegation battles but really as a fan these battles aren't really enjoyable. They are however perfect for English tv where once a week they condense the football down into Match of the Day. It's not football, your not a supporter if that's how you watch your team which probably changes every year. I'm less interested in Man City now than I was when Samaras was there, it's full of selfish, emotionless check grabbers who see a title as a little bonus, I think their recent performances have shown that. In Scotland if your a fan, it's not just to watch sportscene for an hour or two once a week. Your a fan if you go to the games, watch every game full 90 mins in the pub or on TV. If you think so highly of English football why can you only put in an hour or two a week for it? In Scotland more people attend games in ratio to the population than in England. It's not fair to compare Match of the day to the SPL, personally I prefer watching St Mirren vs Hibernian than Bolton vs Wolves. Sure Bolton and Wolves have slightly better players but both games really are just as exciting for a neutral fan. The reason I probably prefer the Scottish one is because I like to support teams more local to me. People in England will probably prefer Bolton vs Wolves, just because more people watch Bolton vs Wolves on TV doesn't mean it's a better game. It's just that more people live near those two clubs. Part Three - Future of Scottish football Now a lot of people are saying that Scottish football is doomed without Rangers. This is a silly assumption, where are the fans going to go? I can tell you now that Rangers won't vanish, Rangers FC might vanish even with Ibrox. But it will restart in another form, they are simply to big in Scotland to vanish. However lets take it from the worst case for Rangers. Ibrox is taken away and so is Murray Park. Fans create a new club called Rangers 2012 and they manage to get access to Division three. For at least three years, other Scottish clubs are going to get increased TV coverage, more fans and a 50% increase on their chances of finishing first and 100% increase on one team finishing at least Second and get European football. It's true that Scottish attendances have dropped in recent years for clubs outside of Celtic and Rangers.It's because the league needs a change, it needs more teams, we need better pitches, standing area's. Scotland is getting standing areas, this will certainly be a boost for attendances. We have almost confirmed that the league size is being increased. Fourth gen pitches or above are getting a lot of good reputation and they could make their way to Scotland very soon. Finally it looks like Scottish football might get a winter break and possibly play more games in better weather conditions. No one wants to attend a cold rainy game over sunny weather. Scottish football is ready to take big changes on for the good of the game, we can bring things in within the next few years before the Premier League. If we look at Scottish football in the 1980s, for 8 seasons between 1978 and 1986 Celtic won the SPL 4 times, Aberdeen won it three times and Dundee utd once. This is a shining example that when Rangers does bad, other Scottish teams can take their place. In 7 of they 8 seasons, Rangers failed to finish second and only managed third twice. Conclusion The amount of followers of the league doesn't influence the quality of it and neither does the cash. It's mainly about hope and determination, Scotland has been slowly slumping for the past few years but we have grouped together and acknowledged it and talked about how we can improve the league. Changes are already under way and even bigger changes are being considered, even if Rangers dies, Scottish football still has hope and determination to improve. Meanwhile the EPL thinks they are already there and is starting to drown in it's mountains of debt. I will always prefer to be a Celtic fan than a Man Utd fan, just because of titles but because of my close location to them, their history and the brilliant football that we seek to play every year. Football is nothing without the fans and Celtic has plenty of true fans. Click here to view the article
  9. Forster; Matthews, Loovens, K. Wilson, Mulgrew; Brown, Ki, Ledley, Commons; Samaras, Hooper Zaluska, Stokes, Cha, Blackman, F. Twardzik, Brozek, Ibrahim It was another big change in the lineup, I wasn't so sure about it but Lennon proved me wrong in the first 10 minutes. Brown and Ledley sat just in front of the defence, Ki was linking up the front three with the rest of the team. The result was a strong defence, plenty of men in midfield (each of them know their job) and a front three with Commons, Samaras and Hooper all of them floating around. The formation gave our two full back's so much space on the wings and Killie were dragged into the middle. Our first two goals came from headers, when we got the chance to get men into Killie's box, right from the start we packed men in there. This stunned Killie and Celtic continued to play some fantastic football and the fans were loving it. For the third goal Mulgrew had so much space out on the wing, this gave him the rare chance to cut inside. He had loads of space and somehow managed to find the far bottom corner with his weak foot. Hooper scored our fourth, yet again Celtic found loads of space behind the Killie midfield, Mulgrew had miles of space on the left and played a fantastic ball to Hooper at the back post. Instead of taking a touch he volleyed it first time high into the middle of goal giving the keeper no chance. For the second half Celtic took Brown off for young Twardzik who had a good game. He showed a lot of comfort on the ball and played some nice little passes. The game slowed down as Killie looked to keep the goal tally down and see if they could nick a goal. Stokes and Blackman came on and Celtic just kept on pounding the door. Eventually on the 87th minute Celtic played some brilliant quick football outside the Killie box, Stokes played Ledley through who chipped the ball over Bell to get a 5th. It looked like that was going to be the final score but Hooper from 20 yards out, cut through the ball and fired it into the top corner. Even though it wasn't at a full Celtic park, the crowd were fantastic. Lets get partying! Click here to view the article
  10. SOURCE: DVB-S / CODEC: h264 / FORMAT: AVI / AUDIO: MP3 128 Kbps VIDEO: 640x368 1000 kbps / SIZE: 853 MB INTERCHANGEABLE LINKS: 1st Half http://www.filesonic...Rangers.1st.avi http://www.fileserve...Rangers.1st.avi http://www.uploadsta...1st.avi/center] 2nd Half http://www.filesonic...Rangers.2nd.avi http://www.fileserve...Rangers.2nd.avi http://www.uploadsta...Rangers.2nd.avi Scottish Premier League: Celtic Glasgow v. Glasgow Rangers - 11.12.2011 720x400 | 16:9 | h.264 | Orange Sport | DVBRip | Credit: Fedex | Polish Comentary First half: Second half:
  11. spl

    15:00 Saturday 13th August Clydesdale Bank Premier League Celticpark, Glasgow Zaluska Wilson - Majstorovic - K.Wilson - Mulgrew Brown - Ledley - Ki - Commons Stokes - Hooper Cervi, Matthews, McCourt, Wanyama, Samaras, Maloney, Forrest FT 5-1 Scorers Celtic Stokes 4 ,Hooper 33,Ki Sung-Yeung 58 ,Ledley 71 ,Forrest 90+1 Dundee Utd Russell 31 Download Links Below First 30 Minutes: 32nd Minute to the End of the 1st Half: 2nd Half:
  12. SPL

    12:15 Sunday 7th August Clydesdale Bank Premier League Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Zaluska Matthews K Wilson Majstorovic Izaguirre Commons Kayal Ki Ledley Hooper Stokes SUBS: Cervi, Mulgrew, Samaras, Forrest, Maloney, Wanyama & McCourt __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Download Links Below FIRST HALF SINGLE LINK SECOND HALF [/code]SINGLE LINK [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]FIRST HALF[/b][/size][/font] [code]SINGLE LINK"]http://www.fileserve...e/TvRfq4E/First [/code] [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]SECOND HALF[/b][/size][/font] [code]SINGLE LINK Half - SPL - Aberdeen v. Celtic - 07-08-11.avi [/code] [code]SINGLE LINK Half - SPL - Aberdeen v. Celtic - 07-08-11.avi [/code] [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]SECOND HALF[/b][/size][/font] [code]INTERCHANGEABLE LINKS Half - SPL - Aberdeen v. Celtic - 07-08-11.avi [/code] [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]FIRST HALF[/b][/size][/font] [code]SINGLE LINK [/code] [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]SECOND HALF[/b][/size][/font] [code]SINGLE LINK [/code] [/center] [/center] [center][center] [/center] [/center] [center][center]1st Half: [code]http://www.filesonic...file/1616926264[/code] 2nd Half: [CODE]http://www.filesonic...file/1617183234 [/code] Enjoy [/center] [/center]
  13. Classic

    GLASGOW CELTIC FC Coach: Martin O'Neill. Scorers: Sutton (1), Petrov (8), Lambert (11), Larsson (50, 62), Sutton (90). Team: Gould, Valgaeren, Stubbs, Mahe, McNamara , Petrov, Lambert (Mjallby 36), Moravcik (Boyd 54 ), Petta, Larsson (Burchill 87), Sutton. Substitutes: Kerr, Berkovic. RANGERS FC Coach: Dick Advocaat. Scorers: Reyna (40), Dodds (55 pen). Team: Klos, Ricksen (Tugay 22), Konterman, Amoruso, Vidmar (Kanchelskis 65), Reyna , Ferguson , van Bronckhorst, McCann (Lovenkranes 76), Dodds , Wallace. Substitutes: Charbonnier, Malcolm. Download Link
  14. spl

    12:30 Sunday 24th July Clydesdale Bank Premier League Easter Road LINKS BELOW 1st Half: http://www.filesonic...file/1513597524 2nd Half: http://www.filesonic...file/1513789454
  15. SPL

    Rangers face Kille as Celtic face Motherwell on the last day of the season which is also the title decider. The odds are really against Celtic, all they can do is win and hope that Rangers make a shocking slip-up against Killie. Forster Wilson Majstorovic Loovens Izaguirre Forrest Brown Ki Mulgrew Hooper Samaras Subs: Zaluska, Juarez, Cha, Maloney, McCourt, Rogne, Murphy Score: 4-0 to Celtic Scorers: Hooper 29, Samaras 40, Maloney 53, McCourt 71 Assists: Wilson 29, Mulgrew 40, Samaras 71 DOWNLOAD LINKS 1st Half: 2nd Half: Enjoy
  16. SPL

    Rangers have one hand on the SPL title after Celtic slipped up against Inverness. All Celtic can do is win their remaining games and there might be a 1/100 chance that Kilmarnock can take points off Rangers. But their is no point putting a bet on that. Forster Wilson Loovens Majstorovic Izaguirre Commons Brown Ki Mulgrew Samaras Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Rogne, Cha, Forrest, Stokes, Maloney, Murphy DOWNLOAD LINKS 1st Half: OR 2nd Half: OR
  17. SPL

    Celtic face Kilmarnock on Wednesday in their final game before the SPL split at Rugby Park. Celtic could go top by 2 points with a game in hand if Dundee Utd beat Rangers at their home ground. Considering Rangers recent form Dundee utd are the favorites for that tie on Tuesday. Forster Wilson Majstorovic Mulgrew Izaguirre [73] Forrest Brown Kayal [59] Commons [69] Hooper Stokes Subs: Zaluska, Ljungberg [69], Samaras [73], McGinn, Ki [59], Rogne, Murphy Ref: Muir Score: 4-0 to Celtic Scorers: Commons 4, Commons 34, Hooper 41, Stokes 58 DOWNLOAD LINKS OR
  18. SPL

    After slipping up against Inverness all Celtic can do is win their own games and hope that Rangers drop some points. Will Celtic bounce back against Kille or will they struggle ? The game kicks off this Saturday at 12:45. Forster Wilson Majstorovic Rogne Izaguirre Forrest Brown Ki Commons Murphy Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Juarez, Maloney, McGinn, McCourt, Mulgrew, Cha Score: 2-0 Celtic Scorers: Brown 45+1, Commons 68 The Match Report DOWNLOAD LINKS 1st Half: 2nd Half: Enjoy
  19. SPL

    Celtic can go two points above Rangers if they beat Inverness CT up in the highlands. After beating Dundee utd 4-1 at Celticpark without any penalties or red cards the team have the momentum behind them to win the title. Celtic just need to win all of their games to lift the spl title but ICT away is always a tricky fixture. The game kicked off this Wednesday at 18:00 Forster Wilson Majstorovic Mulgrew Izaguirre Maloney Brown Kayal Commons Stokes Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Murphy, Ki, Rogne, Samaras, McCourt, Forrest Score: 3-2 to Inverness Scorers: Mulgrew (og) 7, Commons 9, Munro 53, Sutherland 62, Commons (pen) 90+3 DOWNLOAD LINKS 1st Half: 2nd Half:
  20. SPL

    All Celtic need to do now is win all their games to ensure that the 10/11 SPL trophy embraces green white and gold. Possibly the hardest game left is this one against Dundee utd. Celtic fans will remember the first meeting with Dundee utd this season, Celtic needed an 89th minute goal from Hooper. Celtic also drew with Dundee Utd 1-1 at Celtic Park in November but Beat them 3-1 at Tannadice in February. Forster Wilson Majstorovic Mulgrew Izaguirre Forrest Brown Kayal Commons Hooper Stokes Subs: Zaluska, Ki, Rogne, Samaras, Maloney, McCourt, Murphy Score: 4-1 to Celtic Scorers: Hooper 23, Kayal 54, Commons 85, Murphy 90+3 Assisters: Stokes, 23, Maloney 85, Wilson 90+3 DOWNLOAD LINKS 1st Half: 2nd Half:
  21. SPL

    Celtic are full of confidence at the moment after still picking up points in scrappy games and getting into the final of the Scottish cup after beating Aberdeen 4-0. Maloney has marked his return with 1 goal and 1 assist in two sub appearances he might play a big part against Rangers on Easter Sunday as well. Forster Wilson - Mulgrew - Majstorovic - Izaguirre Brown - Kayal - Ki - Ledley Samaras - Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Rogne, Ljungberg, Stokes, Maloney, Commons, Forrest Ref: Craig Thomson Score: 0-0 Scorers: no one DOWNLOAD LINKS Fileserve 1st Half 2nd Half Or 1st half 2ndHalf Uploadstation 1st half 2nd half Hotfile 1st half 2nd Half Filesonic 1st half 2nd half
  22. SPL

    Celtic face St Johnstone at 18:00 on Tuesday after Kris Commons came on late to save the day for Celtic against St Mirren at the weekend. Rangers beat St Johnstone 2-0 last week even though Rangers were very poor and they were beat 2-0 by Dundee Utd at the weekend. Hooper came off early for Celtic at the weekend so he is doubtful for this game. Forster Wilson Mulgrew Loovens Izaguirre Brown Kayal Ledley Commons Murphy Samaras Subs: Zaluska, Stokes, Maloney, Ki, McCourt, Rogne, Forrest. Score: 1-0 to Celtic Scorers: Beram Kayal 45 1st Half: OR 2nd Half: OR
  23. SPL

    After trashing hibs 3-1 on Wednesday Celtic will be hoping for an easy game against St Mirren to ease the fixture clog up. After Freddy make a good apperance from the bench he could push for a start at the weekend. Stokes and Hooper are also expected to play upfront. Forster Cha Loovens Mulgrew Izaguirre Ljungberg Kayal Ki Forrest Stokes Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Wilson, Rogne, Ledley, Commons, Maloney, Samaras 1st Half: OR 2nd Half: OR Full game In MP4 format Enjoy !!!
  24. SPL

    The weekend game against Inverness CT was postponed yet again. Will they get a fine for disrupting the fixtures so much ? At least Celtic now have more time to prepare for this midweek game against Hibernian. Forster Wilson Loovens Mulgrew Izaguirre Brown Kayal Ledley Forrest Stokes Hooper Subs: Zaluska, Ki, Rogne, Juarez, Ljungberg, Samaras, Commons Score: 3-1 to Celtic Scorers: Stokes 3, Hooper 20, Hooper 39, Miller(pen) 67 BUILD UP AND 1ST HALF HALF TIME & 2ND HALF
  25. SPL

    1st Half 2nd half Enjoy :drink_mini: