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sorry marm: ezequiel doiny? utter tosh and nonsense

i can't even be bothered to begin to deconstruct this total inconsequential fudge - robert fisk has done it all already

however - the first paragraph is a BIT of a clue!

it's not fekkin' about "religion" - it's about the zionist state slaughtering men, women and children with the 4th biggest army in the world paid for and provided by the american MIC.... probaly for some long term strategic goal involving carbon fuel supplies, i shouldn't be surprised

and since you are so concerned about hamas and its "rockets" - ponder, just for a moment:

where exactly did that particularly unsavoury shower of maniacs have its genesis....... and with what goal - mmmmmm? al quieda - the libyan "resistance" - isis - hamas - the west has a magnificent track record of creating frankenstein's to carry out proxy struggles with the ennemi de la journée....  

there's some good history about this on the DFLP web site

see: it isn't REALLY complicated at all 

as for the "video"? aaaaargggh - again: smoke and mirrors - goebbels would've been proud 

njoy the gemme



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