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military reaction force MRF Panorama

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Last night Panorama BBC aired a show regarding the action of the so called MRF a shady company of the brit army involved in the shooting of innocent catholics in the early 70s. Although the show was not news to me i think it may be of interest some people. Some friends of mine were interviewed in the show as eye witnesses of the shootings one of which happened outside my home where my family lived in west belfast in the early 70s. The Death of one of the lads with no connection to the Republican Movement Daniel Rooney had a major effect on the area that i come from and drove many young men to join the IRA and subsequently led to their imprisonment and death of some others, As a family friend of the Rooneys all my life i know the hurt they suffered like many other families, This state murder like many others probably will never be solved or any one brought to justice again no surprise to me but you can make your own mind up. COLLUSION IS NOT AN ILLUSION, STATE MURDER GOES STRAIGHT TO THE TOP.             

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