Convincing argument against independence

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So old pishy-flaps 'purred' when Cameron told her of the NO victory.

For one, can she not afford a telly of her own on her Uber-giro, or do all those big numbers just confuse her?

And for another, who the £uck purrs?!

Is she so old and senile now she actually thinks she's a cat? Did he find her curled up in front of the log fire with a bowl of milk and licking her private parts?

Don't get George started on that score ffs Dylan...


Meaow meaow meaow..

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There is no labour party anymore. Was supposed to be the peoples party and was born out of tge trade unions now it is just a less extreme version of the tories.

Personally I will never vote labour again and may go back to not voting as I doubt it will matter

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It's 25 quid for overseas addresses kevza but hey, what's the difference, both me and the wife signed up. I was planning on donating a few quid regularly anyway.

All my mates back home have also signed up

68,231 was the last figure I saw from Peter.

Hope we can hit 75000 by the end of next week. That would be no short of phenomenal.

I urge anyone here that hasn't already signed up to sign and convince anyone else they can to do the same.

There ain't any heading backwards now, this thing can only go forwards and there can be only one ultimate result.

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