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SPFL and SPL Football Streaming

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Right lads,



Lets just say hypothetically, a website comes up with a solution of televising EVERY SPL and SPFL game online that's not televised by sky or BBC. Particularly missing out the Celtic and Sevco games and picking up the slack and showing every other team.


I personally see this as a way of generating a bit of cash for cash strapped clubs and to build a reputation for Scottish football on a global scale. Its not just that, there would be plenty interest in the streams from betting sites and the like. It also means Scottish football would get a lot more exposure to the outside world in regards to spotting talent.


What downfalls would there be? Bear with me now, I know there will be a massive amount of downfalls, Its just a hypothetical idea.


Any views, however big or small, stupit or daft. Would be appreciated.


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