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How would you run the country

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Personally I would cut tax to the working man / middle class by 4% and leave the rich tax as is, I would make the big corporations pay their taxes or tell them they will not trade in my country, I would spend about 12-15bn less on defense (I believe that we spend pointless amounts of money on something that isnt really their). I would drop VAT to 12% with the look of removing it completely. BANKERS BONUSES WOULD BE CUT BY 45% THEY GET FAR TOO MUCH THE GAMBLING BASTARDS.


I am not an elitist or an imperialist, I would run my country for the people

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For arguments sake it's the 19th the day after a YES Vote has been delivered this is how I would go about it.

 Scrap first past the post in Scotland.

Call a General Election for 2016

 Set up a Nationwide Voting System using Phones,Tv or Computers Every Household should be Connected in some way this way every household gets a Vote.

Scrap Nuclear Deterrent in Scotland we should be able to defend our shores not blow the Planet to fuck

 Set Up a Referendum style vote for each major Aspect of Governance ie:

TAXATION What level should be set and how it should be spent

OIL REVENUES Same as above

DEFENCE What types of Defence Force ie

Full Time Armed Force

Full and Part Time

Full Time and National Service perhaps 2 years to be taken before or After Full Time Education Cease/Commences

EDUCATION All Secondary Schools should be of mixed Religion no Religious Instruction at Schools that's what Churches and Places of Worship are for.

A return to the old system of Grading and more emphasis on learning about new Technologies and Science. 

POLICING I would suggest a move to a Centralised Police Authority that runs it'sown Budgets /Manpower etc this way Officers can be deployed allover the Country (It's small enough) to deal with any Ntional Issues.

SCOTTISH NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE Based on the Current Model but Subsidised by those able or in a position to pay for Specialised Treatment free for everyone else.

WELFARE SYSTEM Dole should be scrapped I think and a Work Based Allowance created for those fit enough for work they should be utilised by the Councils etc for doing Cleaning up the Town and areas in dire need of a lift.

ASYLUM /IMMIGRATION All newcomers should be able to work and pay into the System and no Employer should pay under the minimum wage set by the Government.

Immigration should be capped I think.

All Immigrants/Asylum seekers should adhere to our law and Customs anyone found to be acting contorary to that should be expelled back to where they came from.



COMPULSORY LAND ACQUISITION I think Scotland should buy back it's land from Non Scottish Residents.

The Land should be put to use for Housing,Industry, Agricultural,Sustainable Forestry or Energy Farming.

There are vast swathes of land doing nothing in Scotland some of it is being used for Tax reasons.

INDUSTRY I think the likes of Ship Building,Fishing and Technology Industries could do with massive investment and perhaps we could see a resurgence in areas we as a 

County built our name off.

MODERN APPRENTICESHIPS in the Industries stated above and also new ones as we know there is a conveyor belt of talent exiting our Schools and heading elsewhere.

MINIMUM LIVING WAGE For all raised to a level above a true living wage.


POLITICS All Politicians should be vetted and expelled for being members of any secret societies external of government.

All Politicians must be on a wage in line  with current National average.

Any Politician or Public Servant should sign up to a new code of Practice anyone found guilty of breaching that code should be given Custodial Sentences as I believe in a Position of Power you should be leading by example.

Failure to do so should be punished swiftly and with severity.


I think a vote should also be taken on Sovereignty and whether Scotland should become a Republic where all are equal regardless of background.

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Can't scrap the dole mate not without creating a surplus of jobs people will die and the crime rate would rise exponentially. Force peoples circumstances and watch them act in desperation. We don't educate or train people properly in this country too many dead end jobs that bring no skills or training. Apprenticeships are a joke . Higger education means you star life with large debts and your qualifications are useless as careers in relevant fields are non existent. So you take a job that is way below your abilities and desired salary.

Most people hate their jobs byt are trapped by the system or by fear of not being good enough to go for it. And live the dream (realistically)

Who grows up wanting to be a bin man or a toilet cleaner. We all want to be spirts wtars or actors or musicians. We want to be doctors and lawyers not working at McDonald's or tendibg bar.

Fannies like Cameron and boris have never done a hard days work in their lives yet joe public is doing 12 hour shifts and knocking their pan in every day with little or no time off?

A job rotation system of sorts would be fairer. As you grow older your jobs grow with you. Theres people who have cleaned otger people's pish and shite for 60 years and as a reward they wirk till 75 and get the lowest pension available.

While tge ruchest folks can get away with paying zero taxes and have massive pension plans.

Fuck that

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