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Who Killed Kenny?

National Hourly Rates of Pay...Living Wage

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Need somewhere to stick this due to the complexity and length of Info might take me some time to work this out.

Though from initial glance it would appear Osborne has pulled a flanker.

A high Percentage of 25 year Olds are currently on more than the proposed £7.20/hourly rate next year.


Here's the Link:


Table 6.5a   Hourly pay - Gross (£) - For all employee jobsa: United Kingdom, 2014          
  Number Annual Annual          
  of jobsc percentage percentagePercentiles        
All employees 25,01011.610.215.11-0.16.667.628.158.7410.0013.6316.1617.7119.5925.46
    16-17b 2945.030.65.614.93.724.004.184.354.785.566.316.496.747.76
    18-21 1,2596.922.97.680.85.266.306.316.356.577.287.858.198.6410.29
    22-29 4,3249.900.811.660.76.507.187.547.978.8411.2012.8613.8014.8818.05
    30-39 5,72013.29-0.315.95-
    40-49 6,45013.270.717.
    50-59 5,17012.500.116.39-
    60+ 1,86610.730.614.49-0.66.747.558.008.509.5612.3914.7616.4318.3124.92
Not Classified :              


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Aye because when you factor in inflation, you'll still be worse off before you look at tax credits etc. 


The whole budget was smoke and mirrors. 

I thought it sounded fishy (no pun intended Fishy) when they specified that the Living Wage was for 25 year olds and above.

Most folk have been in the job 5-8 years by this age and the wage scale has increased by this point.

I am shocked no one in Opposition has called them on these numbers because all it took was a quick E Mail to the National Statistics and they sent me the entire files for 2014.

If you go into it straight away the figures for each part of the UK show that £7.20 is well below the average wage by this age.

That's outside London where the average is well over £12 pe hour.

That's the basic not even going into Overtime which of course makes it look even worse.

They used the Living Wage lie to soften the blow on Tax Credits turns out it's a croc of shite pal.

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Tories stink, rich politicians for rich corps, divide and rule, create perpetual class division,

Those who clean the shite should get paid as much as those who make the shite

£15 p/h should be the min wage.

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Here is why I think the above Budget announcement was made.

The high percentage of 25 year olds across the Country (outside London) are already as can be seen from the National Statistics earning above the stated amount due to kick in next year.

This was the sweetner to deflect from the cut's planned for working tax credits and other benefits.

Those who will be eligible next year will already be receiving top ups to their wages right now.

Those top ups are non Taxable.

By raising the living wage to £7.20 those currently receiving the top up to wages will no longer need the benefit and their entire wage now becomes Taxable.

It's the Local Councils who will need to find the extra cash to cover the Living Wage they will have to compensate by either raising Council Tax or as has been the case cutting more Services.

Either way it's a win win for the tax man and a lose lose for the Tax Payer.


Sleekit Tory bastards.


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I've never made minimum wage before in my life except when I was 16 working in McDonalds (£4.25). I would be better off signing on but because my girlfriend works, I am not allowed any benefits and I do bits and bobs (PC cleaning, tuning etc, edit parts of website or any general labour) for £40-50 a day. I think its gave me a deep depression.. I wouldn't say i'm a self entitled person but everyone deserves a better living than what is currently being offered. Slaves to money.

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