Carlton Cole?

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Pepp im 66 and I could outrun him ;)seriously do you think guy should have been anywhere near Celtic Park !!

I think we need a striker that's physical let's face it you could outrun John hartson in his prime aswell we need options upfront haven't really had anyone who could do a job for us in that way since jvoh.

however every single player I believe needs a chance to prove himself to the new manager and see if we can actually use these guys in some way including scepovic and ciftci they all should be recalled and let the new man get to see them decide who he needs and who he doesn't changes are needed our squad is massive but quantity over quality in our endless search for the next 10-15 million pound player to sell on to England if the new man decides Cole is as bad as you say I will accept that but I can't really accept ronnies opinion when he continued with johansen all season being as poor as he was hail hail brother

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Yeh, I thought he was already away. Waste of time tbh. 

I'm glad it's official because I could see us messing around during the transfer window and keeping him because we couldn't get anyone else <_<

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