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England football player & another Premier League star set to come out as gay:

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Gay footballers have stayed silent about their sexuality for fear of the backlash including taunts from opposing fans.

But with attitudes finally changing two Premier League stars believe the time is right to come out.

A source said: “The stigma has completely gone, and the public are far more accepting.

“At this level of football, being gay is almost the final frontier.

“It has always been such a macho game and, unfortunately, perhaps more than in any other sport, there can be an aggressive mob mentality in the stands.

“But finally the tide is turning and more and more sports people are openly gay.”

The two players – including an England international – have told family and friends, and are being supported by their clubs and the Football Association.

We are not revealing their names. They would become the first ever players to publicly announce they are gay while in the top flight of English football. The stars are thought to be planning to go public before the start of next season.

We can also reveal that another well known player came out to friends in 2011.


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