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Last night could have been our most embarrassing defeat in Europe yet, but it doesn't matter as its only half time and we should come back and win at Celtic Park. Last night we watched our team play their first game under Brendan Rodgers and I believe it was an eye opening moment not only for the Celtic fans but also for the manager himself. 

We can talk about an artificial pitch or how dry the pitch looked but the truth is we are Celtic a full time football club with full time professionals and we should be smashing any team the same calibre of Lincoln Red Imps on any surface and anywhere. Another excuse that comes through is the fitness levels of the players being at the start of preseason but I'm sure that Red Imps are at the same stage of their preseason. 

Another thing we can blame is the fact we got a perfectly good goal chopped off, an own goal by Raul Navas the goalkeeper for the Red Imps but we should be able to score at least 2 goals against teams like these, and lets be honest after they took the lead they had another 1 or 2 chances to stretch their lead further. 

Now lets talk about Brendan Rodgers a manager who came up here touted as a Messiah, a footballing genius who is going to turn Celtic into a force again within the Champions League after the two season's we've whimpered through with Ronny Delia. Last night we looked exactly the same as we have played in the last season and Brendan stood on that touch line not knowing what to do, just like previous managers before him, Mowbray and Delia. That's all I will say about him as it's his first competitive game but I'm sure managers like Lennon and O'Neill would have kicked the players up the arse.

It's clear that Brendan is not a miracle worker, he has to get rid of a lot of the players that are currently on the payroll at Celtic and bring in his own players, there are only a handful of players worth keeping and those are, Sviachenko, Leigh Griffiths, Kieran Tierney (who also had a shocker last night). I think its clear after his form in the second half of the season last year and the match yesterday Scott Brown's days must be numbered, he looks a completely different player.

There should be at least 6 or 7 players leaving parkhead this summer and hopefully we will see some good signings brought in by Rodgers with the board giving him a suitable backing or this whole thing is not going to work. It doesn't matter if we go out and beat Red Imps 4 or 5 nothing at home. This team needs to be refreshed. 

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Forgive me for clutching at straws here, but got a theory......There were only about 4 players in the team who played, that got pass marks last night- fact.

So in my head Brendan was testing a good few to see if they would step up and be counted in a competitive match and as they haven't they can be on the "for sale " list come Friday.

Keiran can be forgiven for a couple more games max, then he needs to be put back to the development squad till he gets up to scratch again, the rest can go by byes, they were shabby last season and have not lifted themselves. 

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