Celtic Squad - Season 2016/2017:

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33 players on the first team books. Come January I think we need to look at moving on the following;

1 keeper = Logan

2 defenders =  Ambrose & Boyata

3 midfielders = Commons, Armstrong, GMS 

1 Forward = Ciftci 

Yes more need to go but I don't see any of the above being involved in Rodgers plans. We already know that 3 of the above were told to go last week and for one reason or another the deals did not happen. 

its also very clear from the below that we are far to short on forwards. We still need that out and out goal scorer, unless Demeble becomes that over the next 4 months. 


8f9075505703655e685518297d0f16c0.png 762767ad3cc955bcca2b76c7b8924577.png d520474cc7cd127960ea56736743c792.pngb7b9ca04b910effdf4a91b2e98138812.png


67529a303f758f80e6cd0ac0de13e58e.png 42f4bd1083b7d940bcae47aa80321896.png16198e4d8f81c2861ddd43474fdca8a4.png2d610e963c9b710dc034206e2efa06de.png478826d1a891411035795033ce9286b1.png3192d77319e82cce1ddcd0456824f8ec.png90fedd503f9bc00960fe314ee5fd63aa.pngb1b350b1c05a1d7f01e4e05d057238ce.png846a90316df2a1471659fa2a581941a3.png8c7ac38fd1b13796e4707b32f06a10ad.pngc9bde0e6f70bccf2464703652ee8f390.pngd32362eb7c8d934aff278b1e4c1c32b0.png






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Agree those players should be moved, I like commons but I just don't think he'll be used at all. I think ciftci deserves a good shot though give him till Jan and replace if necessary

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I'd probably give Boyata and Armstrong a loan and keep Ciftci

Boyata was free give him a loan for first team football and try to get his value up a bit before he goes, still seems odd knowing a 25-26 year old player has only played about 50 games in his entire career

Armstrong I think hes main problem has been our amount of players in midfield, has been good now and then give him a loan as well to see if he can get back to his best with a good run of games before he comes back for pre season then make a decision


Ciftci I'm not saying I'd keep him pernamently just keep him around for the season see if he can take advantage of any opportunity hes given if one comes up then if not try to get someone in to cover or bring through a youth player, I wouldnt even complain with Aitchison or Miller coming through in January to take his place instead, Miller is more of a left winger but can play striker


The rest need to go if you ask me though, Ambrose doesn't need explaining, Logan, we have 3 keepers although keeping him around a bit longer and getting Fasan first team football elsewhere in the mean times a good option, Mackay Steven will probably be better off elsewhere too

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Agree wi most of that, but I'd keep Armstrong. He, like many, has looked rejuevenated under Brendan and I think deserves the chance to show what he can do. 

And I'd only keep ciftci coz we've only got 4 recognised strikers. Although we've been playing most games wi one striker anyway and midfield have chipped in wi plenty.  But once we get another decent striker, I'd say adios ciftci.

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